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Interested Applicants Should Browse Our Job Openings and Apply Through The Form Below.

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Blazing Heart Publishing is currently accepting applications from Marketing & Sales Personnel.

We require all applicants to be invested in books (Fiction and Romance) and be able to reach our target market Mainstream Male/Female (MF) Readers and Market, Poetry Readers and Market, LGBT [Male/Male (MM), Female/Female (FF)] Readers and Market, Poetry and Magazines Readers and Market. Applicant will be in charge of our Marketing & Sales Department and thus must have a knack for the job.



Blazing Heart Publishing publishes books in the fiction and ezines category and sells them mostly online. for this job, applicants must demonstrate the abilities listed below:


  • Applicant must be majoring in Sales & Marketing or have a degree (BSc., MSc.) in Sales & Marketing

Work Experience:

  For Applicants with;

  • No experience – Enthusiasm and passion for the job is required. A general idea of book publishing industry is also required.

  • 1 – 5 years’ experience – A deep understanding in the book publishing industry is required.

  • More than 5 years’ experience – An indepth understanding of the book publishing industry is required.

NB: All applicants must be readers of fiction romance and magazines.


  • Computer literacy (Marketplace is mostly online)

  • Exceptional Internet usage

  • Software usage (Word, Excel, etc.)

  • Social Media usage

  • Marketing and Negotiating skills


Applicant will be in charge of our Sales & Marketing department and thus, must be able to carry out the responsibilities below.

  • Suggest and implement new, innovative ideas for progress and expansion.

  • Market and publicize all our books including (Previous Releases, Pre-Orders, New Releases, …)

  • Ensure book receive adequate coverage to penetrate into the market of readers (Our markets include; Mainstream Male/Female (MF), LGBT [Male/Male (MM), Female/Female (FF)] and Poetry and Magazines readers and market)

  • Applicant will have the freedom to work from the comforts of home however must be able to provide progress reports on job done.

  • Negotiate profitable arrangements with bookstores.


  • Applicant will have a huge control over the marketing department

  • Applicant can work from the comforts of home

  • Applicant will be paid on a commission basis. A percentage of sales.

Job Type: Commission

Interested applicants should fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Market You Are Confident Of Reaching

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