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Welcome to Our Blazing Heart Blog

Blazing Heart Publishing Wishes to welcome you all!

Welcome To Blazing Heart Publishing!

To All Authors

We welcome you to Blazing Heart Publishing. We also welcome you to submit your manuscript to us and offer to publish your books with us. We accept all category books in the Mainstream Male/Female (MF), LGBT [Male/Male (MM), Female/Female (FF), as well as Poetry division. We are currently accepting all genre books such as Paranormal romance, Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, Futuristic, Dark Romance, New/Young Adult, Sci-Fi and so much more.

We ask that you kindly follow our Submissions Guidelines with all submissions and we will get back to you shortly.

To All Magazine Writers

Blazing Heart Publishing welcomes you to query us regarding writing for us and being included in our quarterly magazine collections, Blazing EMag. More information can be found on our Submissions Page.

To All Readers

Blazing Heart Publishing welcomes readers from all around the world and we give to you, new to you as well as popular authors you are already familiar with. We bring to you quality reading material that will transport you into a whole new world. Fantasy readings and books that will leave you in anticipation of more, that will keep you turning the pages and at the edge of your seat.

We have all varieties of books for each and every reader who browses our page and we look forward to giving you a very welcoming experience with our store and our authors.

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