Submission Guidelines

To all Concerned,

We are accepting submissions in two (2) Categories.

Category One (1):


We welcome submissions from you and look forward to reading your manuscripts. We are open for submissions in all our category books ie;

-- Blazing MF (Mainstream Male/Female),

-- Blazing LGBT [Male/Male (MM), Female/Female (FF)]

-- As well as our Blazing Poetry division.

We are currently accepting all genre books such as Paranormal romance, Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, Futuristic, Dark Romance, New/Young Adult, Sci-Fi and so much more.

We ask that you kindly follow our Submissions Guidelines with all submissions and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We also have available special themed calls for which we are accepting submissions and those can be found on our Calls Page.

Submission Guidelines;

Calls Page;

Category Two (2):


Blazing Heart Publishing welcomes authors and writers to query us regarding writing for us and being included in our quarterly magazine collections, Blazing EMag. More information on what and how to submit can be found on our Submissions Page whiles Specific Calls for the quarterly EMags can be found on our Calls Page.

We are including a special feature in our eMag and thus call upon all Authors who have won an award for their writing in 2019 in their respective category Mainstream, LGBT, and Non-Fiction to submit to us details found on our Calls Page to feature in our Magazine.

We look forward to what you bring to us.


Transporting Hearts A World Away!

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