Soapy, the hero, fell secretly in love with a girl. Unable to tell her of his love openly, he decided to woo her through a letter. Just as he was at the end of his rope, he finally had the opportunity to anonymously send her the letter. He impatiently waited for her response however, many years passed and he still had no response. He thought the girl must have refuse his love. Forty years later, in an alumnus meeting, he met the girl he loved and it dawned on him what huge error he’d made.


This is a romance story which turned out to be an absurd joke. It makes people not know whether to laugh or cry.

A Spindrift In Life [A Tale Of The Coal Capital 0.5] by Yu Jihui

  • PUBLISHER: Blazing Heart Publishing
    RELEASE DATE: August 30, 2019
    GENRE: Blazing MF, Mainstream Short Story Romance.
    WORD COUNT: 8,000 words
    PAGE COUNT: 52 pages

  •        Nearly every night, I would dream of Xiao Shi Mei and in my dreams, I would be dating her. I would tell her how I loved her, how I missed her. I told her without her, I could not live for even one day. I would swear to her that the seas can go dry and rocks can crumble, but I shall love her to the end of time. 
           Xiao Shi Mei would be moved to tears, and say, “Oh, Soapy, (Soapy was my nickname, see the Gunners of Shenyang, the Stinking Old Ninth), I love you too. I’m willing to be your wife and want to live out my days with you. Oh, Soapy, I love you from the bottom of my heart.” 
           I was moved to tears too and would get excited. Then we would kissed wildly. I would gently caress her face and whisper to her softly. “Oh, Xiao Shi Mei, Oh, dear Xiao Shi Mei, I love you.” 
           “What? What do you call me? Don’t you know my name? You just call me Xiao Shi Mei? I’m all senior students’ Xiao Shi Mei, not only your Xiao Shi Mei!” She would then become unhappy. 
           “I’m sorry, dear Xiao Shi Mei; I don’t know your true name, so I just call you Xiao Shi Mei! Please excuse me!” 
           “Oh, Soapy, you don’t even know my true name! It’s unbelievable! I’m a newly risen star. Everyone knows my name. However you, a man who swears to love me forever, don't know? It’s a joke! It’s a pity! You should have known my name! I don’t think you really love me without knowing my name. Are you trying to make fun of me? I don’t think you really love me!” 
           “Oh, Xiao Shi Mei, Please don’t misunderstand me. I do love you. I really love you. But excuse me. I really don’t know your name. But I’ll...”
           “If you really love me, you must first of all know my name! Without even knowing my name, how can you talk about love?” With that she would then disappear unhappily from my dream.