The poems of this magnificent collection encompass a wide range of subjects: romance, philosophy, religion, metaphysics, and running like a bright thread through the weave of this collection, divine love. The diversity of this collection offers universal appeal, and poetry lovers will be inspired by the tapestry of complex imagery and symbolism. These verses may have the lucid and devotional quality of hymns, yet they deal with a contemporary world in a style that is easily accessible to readers.

Adventures of Love by Gideon Cecil

  • PUBLISHER: Blazing Heart Publishing
    RELEASE DATE: June 18, 2018
    GENRE: Blazing Poetry, Mainstream Collection, Inspirational
    WORD COUNT: 14,000 words
    PAGE COUNT: 131 pages

  • I dream she is like a wave in a lonely stream,
    She is my only love living in my dream.
    I dream her heart is chained to a tree,
    Her leaves are fallen, but her heart is blown to me.
    I dream she is drifting away in the sea,
    But I see her coming back to me.
    I dream she is a rainbow sitting on the clouds,
    Her impeccable beauty makes me proud.
    I dream she is the treasure of my life,
    A stunning beauty that makes her my wife.
    I have a dream she has grown to reach the skies,
    I have a dream our immortal love will never die.
    Her kisses are an ice-cold wind in the stormy night,
    She stole my soul into her eyes glass for me to delight.