Thrace Kennedy lives his life in the shadows, knowing his secrets must remain hidden; there is no other way. Never truly letting anyone in, the thriving musician has resigned himself to a solitary existence, music his only love.


Evelyn Durant, an independent, modern woman, has built a life for herself away from the privilege into which she was born. Haunted by loss and betrayal, Eve devotes herself to her singing career, guarding her heart—until a chance encounter opens for her a world she never knew existed and a connection like no other, igniting fires long buried.


Within the rich history of Boston, what begins as a sweet friendship develops into a bond neither Eve nor Thrace were prepared for—one of intense, insatiable desire and an intimacy felt to the depth of their souls. Together, they must forge a future, seek answers to the mysteries of their pasts, and take the ultimate chance. Boston was never supposed to be this hot.

Born To Love You [Ember Notes 1] by C. Michael Fraze & M.L. Bailis (sept. 30)

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