Cheeky's Legacy [A More Perfect Union 1] by David & Teddi Baggins

Rachael used the avatar, Cheeky, online in the many sex and spanking chat rooms she explored. When the brilliant scientist took ill, she created AI Cheeky to care for Doc and their new age spa set in the wild California coastal mountains, where events that sweep the world in altered consciousness often begins. When the naughty AI computer decides the President needs a good spanking, trouble grows. First, Cheeky must lure Brandy, that nosy redheaded reporter, to the spa, so she can meet her perfect match in Doc.


With Doc now quite distracted, Cheeky sets out to see how a dose of the strap restores virtue to the delinquent Republic. The spa residents feel her immerging reign of spank power as they bring paddle to bear in curing melancholy, addiction, longing and so many other maladies.


Romance gives way to magic, as the spiritual force of the spa awakens the old gods. Cheeky and her followers set forth to create more perfect unions among men, women and an unsuspecting nation.

Cheeky's Legacy [A More Perfect Union 1] by David & Teddi Baggins

  • PUBLISHER: Blazing Heart Publishing
    RELEASE DATE: September 28, 2018
    GENRE: Blazing MF, Contemporary Fantasy, Erotic Romance.
    WORD COUNT: 64,975 words
    PAGE COUNT: 256 pages

  •           “Brandy thought she looked smart. Pin-striped blue-to-gray formal women's business outfit, as uniform as any corporate attorney. At 5’1 and 26 years of age she felt any edge by dress an advantage. Hence the heels. 
    She specifically arranged a rental with voice-controlled internet. Once clearly free of Monterey airport, she voiced it on. 
              “Tony,” she called. 
              “Here, Littleone,” came the mercifully prompt response. 
              “Better get used to calling me Brandy.” 
              “Yes, Brandy.” 
              “And you.” She hoped to learn his non-screen name. 
              “Are you there?” 
              “I’m here, Brandy.” 
              “Will I see you?” 
              “It’s not exactly like that,” Tony replied. 
              “Are you at Spanktown?” 
              “Best not to call them that, Brandy.” 
              “Okay, are you there?” 
              Pause. “Yes, but you won’t see me.” 
              “Is there a way I’d know you?” 
              “I’ll be watching out for you,” was the only reply. 
              Brandy let it go a minute. “Can you tell them where I am?” 
              “Yes, Brandy, I’ll let them know. You are about twenty minutes out.” 
              She paused. “Are they still angry?” She asked. 
              “A little. Just be yourself, and everything will work out, but probably best not to mention me.” 
              Brandy drove on in silence. She was long past the blue bay now, well into the rolling hills that gave way to the famed Ventana Wilderness. She came to the staid original gatehouse and was politely waved through. From the start, she knew something was wrong. 
              “Tony, you told me the place was a dump!”  She waited, clearing the entry, gardened grounds opening before her. Stately old hotel set further back. “I wrote that!” she hollered. Only then did she see a gathering of people looking at her car, the reception team. 
              “Well,” Tony’s voice explained, “It is compared to what I hope for it someday.” 
              “I’m in so much trouble,” Brandy shrieked before composing herself. “Remember, you are an adult,” she recited to herself three times before opening the door.