Hawk's Heart [Love Born Of Fire 1] by Frances Everly

Reeling from her divorce, Sarah Mackenzie needs to get away from everything, and her best friend has the perfect solution. A tropical vacation! 


British actor Xander Hawkins has had enough with the spotlight and off-screen drama. When he ends things with his co-star, he vanishes from the spotlight for a little fun in the sun. When Sarah and Xander meet, sparks immediately begin to fly. In and out of bed. Until his jealous ex-girlfriend, bent on a public reunion, catches them in bed together. With cameras flashing, Sarah flees Xander's suite and Mexico. Only to find that she can't flee from the impact of her now very public affair.


Just when things can't get anymore complicated, Sarah's first love, Jack Jeffries, returns unexpectedly. Convinced that his calm demeanor and strength is exactly what her family needs, Sarah begins to fall for Jack all over again. But neither Sarah nor Xander can stop thinking about the other, especially when she discovers that she's pregnant. When he surprises her at her best friend's wedding, things become very complicated. Should she stay with Jack? Or should she try to win Hawk's Heart?

Hawk's Heart [Love Born Of Fire 1] by Frances Everly

  • PUBLISHER: Blazing Heart Publishing
    RELEASE DATE: February 18, 2020
    GENRE: Blazing MF, Mainstream Contemporary Romance.
    FORMAT: eBook, Kindle Mobi
    WORD COUNT: 67,108 words
    PAGE COUNT: 305 pages

  •        “Well if it isn’t the Newlyweds,” an older lady with short blond hair streaked with pink highlights jokingly mocked them, clearly recognizing the couple from the previous night's mock wedding. “I hope you’re not going to be all gross and lovey-dovey on this trip. Some of us want to keep our breakfasts down. We don’t need to watch the two of you going at it like a pair of horny rabbits!”
           “Oh, leave them be Margaret. You’re just jealous that your husband was never half as good looking as this one on his best day,” her friend retorted from the seat next to her.
           “Bastard never did lift a finger, why would he lift a weight?” Margaret joked. “I swear he died just to get out of washing the dishes!”
           “At least you found someone! I still haven’t met Mr. Right and I’ve checked into nearly every retirement home on the East Coast!”
           “That’s because you’ve wasted too much time looking for a man like that,” Margaret pointed to Alex, “and not enough time looking for what’s right in front of you! Frank might not be a wet dream come true like that one, but he’s a sight better than my Marty was!”
           “Oh my god, Margaret,” her friend exclaimed in shock, her hand flying to her mouth. “Wet dream? I haven’t heard that term in ages! Did someone slip something in your orange juice this morning?”
           “Yep, they certainly did! A whole lot of vodka!” Margaret cackled. “And my sausage was a little too well done if you know what I mean!”
           Margaret winked saucily to her friend and Sarah laughed so hard at their playful banter that her stomach hurt. Their antics served as a good distraction from the hand Alex rubbed along her thigh, his eyes sparkling with humor as he laughed along with her.