One ordinary night was about to create changes… for all those involved!
Over the next several days, like a train wreck at a very high speed with no brakes on, things were about to go downhill fast and get pretty ugly too. With so many things out of everyone’s control, the fight for their lives were on.


What you're about to discover is a true tale of horror, mystery and thriller. So sit back, relax and enjoy and what will turn out to be horror's incarnate!

Isabelle by Colin Anderson

  • PUBLISHER: Blazing Heart Publishing
    RELEASE DATE: June 4, 2019
    GENRE: Blazing MF, Mainstream Paranormal Thriller, Suspense
    WORD COUNT: 36,620 words
    PAGE COUNT: 154 pages

  •       In hindsight, the people involved in the events of the next few days should almost be able to hear the click that happens as Monday April 26th changes to Tuesday April 27th, where the events leading up to that point have gone from being in the past to events that are in a league of their own.
          David is sitting at his desk, reading a report on something that is in no way related to his official business. He doesn’t look tired in the slightest, even though he has not set foot out of the office all day. The only thing that distracts him from his reading is the sudden crash from the main office. His head shoots up, and he is heading to the door before he is even aware of what he is doing.
          The door flies open and he is greeted by nothing on the other side.  Even in the darkness, he spots the source of the noise right away. A plastic bin has tipped over and there is an old used inkjet cartridge inside, which has fallen noisily against the non-carpeted flooring. He walks over and picks up the fallen item it in the larger bin. 
          He walks back to his office and says, over his shoulder, “I suppose you’d better come in!”
          Kevin is surprised when he hears David tell him to come into his office. He didn’t expect him to see him. He curses lightly under his breath – not even a swear word but still quite a big deal as far as he is concerned. The element of surprise he anticipated has now been lost.
    David leaves the door open for him, and Kevin follows him through into the beautifully-decorated room. David sits down and, without a word, motions for Kevin to sit in the seat across from him.
          In the light of the office, Kevin and David face each other for the first time. They wear identical suits; Kevin’s is just a shade lighter than David’s. These gentlemen obviously know the same tailor. For a few moments nothing is said and it is Kevin who finally breaks the silence.
          “I suppose you’re wondering why I stopped by tonight?”
          “Not at all!” David replies. “I have a good memory for dates.”
          Kevin nods. Today is an anniversary that affects both of them.
          David, who had been sitting up straight, slouches forward in his chair and clasps his hands together. “Kevin, you know that the answer is still no, don’t you? I mean you’re not coming here to me tonight thinking that I would have some sudden change of heart because of the date?”
          Kevin flashes a dangerous smile at David. “I don’t know why you’re fighting this. You’ve read the same books that I have. You know where you belong.”
          “Let’s just say I’m not a hundred percent sure of that, yet.”
          Kevin looks completely humourless now. “You must know I am getting pretty desperate, now. People are beginning to question my decision.”
          “You can leave!”
          Kevin laughs at this, but there is no trace of humour in it. “And where would I go? You seem to be the only person who can survive in the middle.”
          “You wouldn’t be alone. I could help.”
          “That’s a backward step David. You should be coming to me, not me to you. We both know that.”
          “Kevin I can’t help you. Not right now anyway.”
          “It’s reaching the stage where I am going to have to take more desperate measures.” Kevin waits for the answer with baited breath.
          David sits straight again. His smile is even more dangerous than the one Kevin has displayed moments before. “Was that a threat?”