The Crimson Manuscript [The Psychopath's Script 1] by Michael Pibo

A huge explosion goes off in an amusement park in Indonesia. It was the work of an extremist group originating from Syria; simply known as ‘the Red Jihad’. The group has been on the CIA’s watch-list for a long time.


A continent away, DCI Officer Sean Alex is the most highly-decorated officer in the land. His brilliance, charm and outstanding physical abilities qualified him for promotion to the most sought-after position in law enforcement. He quickly rose to the top due to his unique ability to view crimes from perspectives no one else can.


Sean, however, encounters a criminal who leaves no trace behind, a monster from the viscera of hell; even taunting him with coded messages from gruesome scenes. How will he overcome his own demons to subsequently bring down his arch nemesis?

The Crimson Manuscript [The Psychopath's Script 1] by Michael Pibo

  • PUBLISHER: Blazing Heart Publishing
    RELEASE DATE: December 6, 2019
    GENRE: Blazing MF, Mainstream Detective Romance, Thriller
    WORD COUNT: 56,236 words
    PAGE COUNT: 216 pages

  • Location: Borneo Lowland Rain Forest: Indonesia.
           At a clearing located deep within the rainforest, a group of armed youngsters had gathered around for a meeting. Most of them had AK 47 assault rifles.
           The heavily bearded man from the amusement park bombing hopped out of an old Toyota LandCruiserLand Cruiser and quickly walked towards them. He eyed each and every one of them with sweltering intensity.
           After a moment had passed, he began addressing the two dozen young men in his Arab accent.
           “Most people call us terrorists…” His face cringed and he slowly shook his head from side to side as if he loathed the term with a passion. He continued, “Some believe we are deliverers. The truth is… we are heroes.” He let the sentiment sink in and then he began pacing about as he talked.
           “Most say that we are brainwashed. That’s simply not true. We are the few who actually think straight. Did I force any of you to come here?” 
           No one spoke.
           He continued, “I didn’t. You came of your own free will. You came because you believe in something. You came because you believe in truth. You came because you are oppressed and you believe in justice. You saw a wrong and unlike most people who are too cowardly to stand for what’s theirs, you want to make a difference!”
           Some of the armed young men spontaneously responded, “Yes!”
           The bearded man continued, “Most people in the world don’t know why we do the things we do. The ignorant bastards think we are evil! Do you know how moronic it is to poke at the side of a lion with a stick and when it finally attacks you, you call it evil? Don’t they see how stupid that is? If they had been in our shoes they would do what we do and worse! If they felt what we feel, if they breathed the air we breathe and lived the lives we live then they would raise hell! The fact of the matter is we don’t just do what we do for nothing. For every action, there is a reaction. If their actions weren’t forcing us into a corner then we wouldn’t be forced to react the way we do! Everything would have been peaceful. However, their evil actions brought forth this group.” His voice escalated into a scream, “Who are we?”
           The whole group raised their voices and simultaneously yelled, “We are the Red Jihad!”
           “Who are we?”
           “We are the Red Jihad!”
           The bearded man then raised his hands onto the group. He loudly shrieked, “Then show me who we are!”
           The whole group raised their weapons to the sky and pulled the triggers. The AKs exploded sending a strident rattle echoing through the forest.
           “Show me more!”
           The shots became earsplitting!