The Men Across The Street by Rose Nickol

Beverly Steel’s children were both grown. Now that they were in college, it was time for her to move on and explore new avenues. Selling the house she’d raised them in was hard, but it was time. 


Her new place was much smaller and in a more up and coming neighborhood, closer to malls and other activities. When her new neighbors came across the street to introduce themselves, Bev jolted with feelings she hadn’t felt in a very long time.


Then things started to happen. At first it was little things, flat tires, strange notes, the feeling of someone watching her. Slowly, it progressed until she couldn’t deny it any longer. She had a stalker. 


With her neighbors James and Adam Gregg there for her every step of the way and even though they were a few years younger than her, she couldn’t deny the attraction she felt growing towards the both of them.


With her stalker getting braver with each day, Could James and Adam protect her from the stalker before their relationship came to a disastrous end?

The Men Across The Street by Rose Nickol

  • PUBLISHER: Blazing Heart Publishing
    RELEASE DATE: February 26, 2020
    GENRE: Blazing MF, Mainstream Contemporary Menage Romance.
    FORMAT: eBook, Kindle Mobi
    WORD COUNT: 26,722 words
    PAGE COUNT: 110 pages

  •        “Hi!” one of the men called as they came closer.
           “Hi!” she answered back. Wow, they really were good looking. A little younger than her own early forties, they looked to be in their early to late thirties.
           “We’re the Greggs. I’m James and this is my brother, Adam,” the tallest man said.
           Bev put down the bottle of wine she had been pondering and reached out her hand, “I’m Beverly, Bev Steel. Do you guys live around here?”
           “Yes. We live in the house over there.” Adam indicated the house across the street. She had noticed all the vehicles parked around the house when they had originally come to look and wondered if they belonged to the people that lived there or if they were workers. There had been a plumbing truck, a van that advertised heating and cooling repairs and a couple of pick-up trucks.
           Adam noticed the bottle of wine and picked it up, “Nice brand,” he commented. “You weren’t going to drink alone were you?”
           “I’m still in the process of unpacking and haven’t found the corkscrew yet, so I guess I won’t be drinking it at all tonight,” Bev answered, smiling at the men. James looked to be the oldest and his dirty blond hair was cut military short.
           “I think we can help with that,” Adam said. “Be right back.” And he took off at a jog across the street.
           “We’d be glad to help with the unpacking if you want some extra hands,” James said stepping up onto the porch and looking around.
           “I don’t want to impose. I’ll get it a little at a time and my children will come over this weekend if I need any help but thank you for offering.”
           “Children. They must be babies. You aren’t old enough to have anything but,” Adam said catching the last of the conversation as he came back with the corkscrew.
           “You’re such a flatterer. They are both in their early twenties and in college. Thank you,” Bev said with a blush.  She hadn’t blushed in a long time.
           “You must have been a baby when you had them,” James said with a smile that made his blue eyes sparkle.
           Adam reached to take the bottle of wine from her and swiftly opened it.
           Bev stood and asked, “Would you like to share this with me? I have more glasses in the house.”
           “That would be very nice,” Adam said picking up the glass she had sitting on the step beside her and filling it halfway.
           “I’ll be just a minute. I’d invite you in, but I’m still unpacking and it’s a mess in there.”
           “I understand sweetheart. You don’t know us and these days you can’t be too safe. We’ll be fine out here.” James smiled and stepped up to hold the door for Bev while she walked into the house.
           Bev nodded at their understanding and turned to go inside and get more glasses. She walked into the kitchen and stood a minute, her back against the counter. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Both of the men were extremely handsome and her libido was heating in a way it hadn’t since her husband Calvin had been alive.