Unconventionally Cheeky [A More Perfect Union 3] - David & Teddi Baggins

A More Perfect Union trilogy: romance? political satire?  fantasy? You decide.

Spank magic was supposed to give people power over their destiny. Magic fell out of existence as the angels slept and the planet spun on crazily.


Then Spank Spa opened in the California coastal hills. Hot spring, herbs, local wine and most especially loving behind forward community brought spank magic to life again. Wellness broke out among the seekers.


Cheeky, that smart sassy computer noticed and asked, “Could what is good for the seekers be even better for the poor sick civilization?” Spanking the bad boy president only made her more reform enthusiastic.


In book two she deploys her minion spank teams to the seats of the problem. Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Wall Street and especially Washington are brought under the reign of the paddle.


Cheeky’s plans are noticed by Match, the supercomputer of China. Thus cyber-dating is brought to a new level.


Angels and even God are the original source of spank magic. They awaken Cheeky’s inventor Rachael and she sets out to wield the original switch and harness the angels.

Doc brings the atrocious president enough to his senses to realize he must be the last leader of the failed republic. Spank Spa unites to rewrite the Constitution. Spank nation is born!


Read UnConventionally Cheeky to discover how spank magic creates a much more perfect union.

Unconventionally Cheeky [A More Perfect Union 3] - David & Teddi Baggins

  • PUBLISHER: Blazing Heart Publishing
    RELEASE DATE: December 31, 2020
    GENRE: Blazing MF, Mainstream Fantasy Romance.
    FORMAT: eBook, Kindle Mobi
    WORD COUNT: 43,031 words
    PAGE COUNT: 186 pages

  •        Rachael addressed Pedro and Melissa, “I’m going to do something,” she began. “I’m going to take my hand off this switch and release the angels.”
           As she spoke, the newcomers looked about. They could sense that angels were in close attendance.
           “When they are free, they are going to want this switch. Defend us. They must not have it.”
           Then Rachael addressed Brandy, Lilly and Jessica. “You three successfully summoned the angels?”
           The women nodded their ascent.
           “You wanted the angels to protect the environment, help people to know real spirituality and put balance into public affairs, right?”
           They nodded assent, still not sure how Rachael knew so much about them.
           “They have abandoned their job, as given to them by the male aspect of God. We have the chance to set things right. This is the One Switch, conceived originally by God to give people dominion over the angels, so they would not shirk their eternal duty.”
           “What is their duty? Jessica enquired.
           “To make sure people don’t fuck up God’s planet,” she answered.
           “Well they certainly shirked that,” Lilly said, then added, “God would not have abandoned creation so.”
           “He didn’t,” Rachael said. “The Angels stopped doing their chores; I believe that they deserve one fine switching for that.”
           “Can we?” Lilly queried.
           “We can and we must,” Rachael stated. “I am releasing them because only then can we caste a stronger hold on them. We will form a sisterhood. The Sisterhood of the One Switch.”
           “Ready?” She asked. She released the switch from her grasp.
           Immediately the circling angels became fully visible. They dove straight for the switch, wanting it.