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The King's Favorite Men by Olga Russo


After the birth of the heir, the Queen finally becomes estranged from Arelin, the King of Wisteria, giving him complete freedom in his desire for men. At an annual masquerade, he meets the handsome Antoine-Felix Korentin and enamored by him, makes him the next favorite, with the title of Marquis of Benua.


However, it’s not long before their passion begins to run out and the Marquis begins to feel the need to show his usefulness by arranging a “Flower Garden” where the King could regularly “pluck the flowers of love”. Delighted by this, Arelin readily accepts the proposal and at the first celebration, meets Jean-Marc Gomard, a handsome man who caught his eyes and held his attention and love.


How long can a new favorite keep his position? What will become of the Marquis of Benua? And finally, which of the favorites will the King be with? Find out in this most intriguing tale of love with a King and his favors.

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